onsdag 27. februar 2008

"Sámi Grand Prix" Finale

The Sami Grand Prix is not a race, it is the sami eurovision song contest. And yes, I will be participating. Never thought I would actually say those words, but now I am... it will be march 22.

The song is "Aibbas jaska" (all still) and is about many things. Officially I am going say that the song is about feeling like an ousider -wich I do alot being sami in the city and all... But the song actually came when I was lying all still in my bed waiting for the pain in my heart to dissapear. I could only feel pain, and the rest of the cheerful world seemed so distant. I didnt feel like I belonged to a world where people were happy.

But anyway. I hope everything goes well in this competition. This song sounds great, and is arranged by my producer Ole Jørn Myklebust. He really belives in this song, and so do I. I am aiming high in the competition! hihi :P