fredag 25. mai 2012

Making of music videos

Just after 17th of may (norwegian national day) we started the making of two music videos for my upcoming album. One is for the single that is already out "Váimmu Čuovga/Heartlight" and the other one "Uldá niktá/Fairies Allure" that will be out in the end of June. We did the last one first, because Louise Heichman from Copenhagen, Denmark was coming to be in the video. We do some dancing in the video together, and I am absolutely sure it will look amazing! We did the shots in the forrest, with some cool costumes, so I am really looking forward to when it finishes! :D
We had 5 days for shooting 2 music videos, and of course I had to get sick the first day of shooting, and I am still not well yet, 7 days later... I have not been sick in 2 years maybe, so maybe it was about time... Now it is all done with, so lets just hope it does not show in the videos that I was freezing and cold and sick...:D
I was really surprised that so many people came and helped me with the music video. Freddy Ludvik Larsen helped me find some extra people for the shoot, so it turned out really good. Wisløff Camping in Alta did some sponsoring for the music video also. And Anne Berit Anti/Abanti design lend me some of her clothes! :D Takk til alle som hjalp til på musikkvideoen! 

Freddy L. Larsen helped alot with the music video, but he also took some awesome pics from the making. Just look at these:

Status update: Happy to have survived musicvideo making and dance performance with flu. 5 sick days now... Today I rest.