onsdag 3. juli 2013


Iceland has good food!
Finally I had the chance to go on a vacation! I haven´t had a vacation since I was in Spain in 2009. Counting out the 3 days vacation last october that failed because of unexpected problems with my CD-release, and a few other failed attempts of vacation.

My mother had arranged everything for me. Ordered tickets and the hotel. We were going on a family holiday to Iceland. I had wanted to go to Iceland for a long time already, so it was exciting for me to finally be able to go. My older brother and my younger brother with his girlfriend and daughter were going. Only one in our family not going was my father. He didn´t have time because of work.

Unfortuanately for him ho didn´t come with us. Because on the second day we where there my brother had a surprise for us! He was getting married to his girlfriend. I was the only guest. My brothers daughter was bridesmaid, and my brother and older brother where witnesses. The priest spoke in Norwegian.
This was a huge surprise for everyone! We had the ceremony in church and then we had dinner at the hotel where they were staying.