tirsdag 24. juli 2012

Jeg har vært i Alveland! I have been in Alveland (Elf-land)

Sist lørdag var det verdens første mytologifestival i Lundarhegni Naturpark. Temaet denne ganger var "Alveland" og jeg var headliner for første gang i mitt liv tror jeg. Kjempestas! Parken var så fin! Jeg skjønner godt at det blir kalt for Alveland og at alvene liker seg der! :D Odd -Erling Simensen og jeg spilte duokonsert på en utescene. Desverre regnet det innimellom, men folk koste seg, og vi fikk tak over scenen. Superkoselig scene mellom to berg.

Odd-Erling og jeg

Bilde av meg på plakaten

Gården sett fra festivalområdet

Alvebekken kansje?

Veien fra gården til festivalområdet

Bål for matlaging

Øving på pil og bue

Gården vi overnattet og som festivalen var på.

Salg av kunst og håndverk

Teater om alver

Lundarhegni Amfi

Kattungene på låven

torsdag 19. juli 2012

Yet another great Gothla.uk!

Last weekend I was at gothla again. I am not 100% sure, but I think this is my fifth time there. I beleive I have been there every year except the second year (I have to check that). It has always been a great experience to go there, and it has been kind of lifechanging everytime...
This year I decided to go since Dud Muurmand was going to teach there, and we did a duo together at the open stage. I had the most fantastic feedback on that, so we where very happy, since thw only way for us to really rehearse i through skype, which is very limited.

I went to back to Morganas class this year, last year I did not do any of her classes cause I knew she would kill me the first day, and last year was a very demanding year for me, so I decided to take it slow, specially since I was teaching there as well. This year has been all about coming back to myself again. I have been overworking and overdoing alot of things, and it has just drained me of energy, so this year I have been focusing on resting and taking care of myself. And now it seems to have payed off. Uptil last year I used to lift weights twice a week, pilates twice a week and dance about 1 hour a day at least, but since summer last year I have not been able to do much physical training. If I went to the gym it would take me 20 mins and I would be so exhausted I wanted to go to sleep, and the next day I would be so tired all day, I couldnt do anything properly... Very strange. People kept telling me to excersise more to get more energy, but for me it was opposite...
But now it seems those days are over for me, and I am so happy! I have been in the gym, and felt better afterwards, and in her class I just rememberd how much fun it is to be strong and be able to do all kinds of stuff dancing. She is like a superheroine! She should be great in a movie like underworld or something! I hope she does that someday!

But yes, anyway, this time Gothla made me look forward again. I think I am ready to start at schratch again. All learning is done in a spiral, and I am back to the beginning of the circle again, and it feels like a new start.

Belladonna also has opened my eyes for many things this weekend. She knows alot about tribal history, that I never knew... But she is from America and knows what has been going on there since the beginning of tribal. I have tried to get more into tribal history lately and I have felt that there is some parts missing. You can´t really find everything written down. She had so many names I hadn´r heard about that she said was important to the history of tribal. Things only americans know... We in europe don´t have that same perspective. We make our own tribal styles over here, like the Americans do theirs eat and west-coast tribal styles. Very interesting. And to be honest, I struggle a bit finding a piece of the puzzle that makes everything come together. It must be the art of dance simply or something, like Belladonna said. But I have to think about it...

But as always, the best part of the whole Gothla.UK is the show and open stage! I never see so many crazy performances in one place then at Gothla! People are just full of creativity and they are not afraid of doing crazy stuff on that stage, and it is so much fun!! I always get so inspired by that! This year I unfortunately didn´t get to see all of the performances because I did a solo and the number with Dud, so I was busy being nervous or changing. But there was this one girl who said she had stolen a combo from my last years workshop and dance, so I have to see that one on video! :D

I can´t wait to go back there again for next year! I hope I get to see Rosie there, even if she has quit the gothla team....