lørdag 28. februar 2015


I stole this pic from hyttemag.no
This is the story about when I stopped drinking coffee. I was around 15 years old when I had a terrible coffeine-shock and got so nauseas and ill that I have never drank coffee again (I tried a few times after but I could not).
Many sami parents used to give their babies coffee. They would give them like a teaspoon a week or something like that. It was supposed to improve their health in some way, so it is very common for everyone to drink cofee. You can start drinking whenever you want, and most sami people I know start drinking coffee everyday from they are teenagers.
I never liked coffee that much so I didn´t drink it everyday like some of my friends would when I was 13 years old. I only drank it when we where going tell the future of one another. We used to read fortune-telling books and read each others futures in the coffee. We only had coffee for boiling then, no instant coffees or other fancy stuff.

onsdag 18. februar 2015


When I moved to my house in Alta 3 years ago I realised I had bought the best house ever!
One of the reasons being that it is close to the moutain Komsa. It´s said that is is a old sami holy mountain. Sami people used to go there an do offerings.
I was thrilled by this of course, and it made me feel more home here. I started doing walks there and in witer I go skiing there. Alot of people go there hiking cause there is a path that goes right up there and it a known well place to go hiking there. In winter they make ski-trails for people to go skiing there. Always when i go there I feel like I an enetering a totally different world. Lynxie likes to go hiking with me in the summer as well. And I have special spot there that I always visit.

I have noticed that the water we have in the house is the best water I have ever drunk. I like to think it is because we get it from this magical mountain, thats what I believe anyway. I drink alot of water from Komsafjellet every day. 

Ger Hesbeen gave me this link to read more about this: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Komsa_culture

fredag 13. februar 2015


The last year I have been very occupied with food, the environment and wellness and the future. In my fathers generation all food was ecological, cause we had alot of small farmers all over the country, and there was no money, only trading.  And in few years 20 years everything has changed. We hardly have any ecological food. We have so much fake food in the world, and we throw away too much of it!
I have been thinking about becoming vegetarian after I talked about alot of my friends who are vegatarian, and also friends that are intrested and concerned about the future of the world and nature. They say the that best we can do for the world is to eat less meat. Because it takes more power to grow food to the animals, then to eat vegetables directly.
Of course I want whats best for the world, but I don´t want to distance myself from it. 
I have a friend from long time ago who was vegetarian –he is now vegan. He told me that he stopped eating meat cause he got disquisted by it. His father had served him so much meat that he could not take it anymore. And also he was disquisted about how animals were treated by the food industry.

torsdag 12. februar 2015


Gárdin Mountainhouse is what our family is famous for.
My sami name is not the same as my Norwegian name. My sami name is "Gárdin Inggá Brita Elin" not Elin Kåven.

After the war and the norwegians, swedish and finnish took over, the sami people where not able to buy land unless they had a Norwegian name. That´s why everyone had to start using Norwegian names.

The sami names contain of 3-4 generations of your family. The family is very important for the sami people of course, and people always want to know your familyname and exactly who you are and where you come from. The name explains exactly who you are. It is build so that it is easy for people to understand who you are. Not just your name, but your bloodline.