tirsdag 29. april 2008

Performing in Helsinki

This weekend I was in Helsinki performing at a jubileum for a sami organisation in Helsinki. Thay had a 20 year anniversary. :D So Wimme, Áigi and myself were performing there. I song 4 of the songs that are produced by Ole Jørn "Du mielde", "Dovdu mii jávká", "Oaidnaledene" and of course "Áibbas jáska". It was the first time I performed these songs, so it was exciting. I cant wait to next time! :D

I was also dancing with Áigi again. It was so much fun! Many in the audiens were trying to do the same moves as me, both women and men...hehe They were having so much fun with the dancing, and Áigi played a really good concert! :D

fredag 18. april 2008

Portrait of me on Nordnytt!

Helga Bones, who works in NRK Nordnytt (news) made a portrait of me. We filmed everything last thursday and today it went on air. It turned out really good! It was telling about my work with music and a little bit belly dancing. :D

If you want to see it go to http://www1.nrk.no/nett-tv/klipp/359026