søndag 21. desember 2014


This year has really given meaning to the quote "you win some you loose some" to me. It´s been the most intense year I have had ever in my life I think. So much has been going on and so much has happened. This year turned out nothing like I thought it would. So when we now have only one week left of this year I am happy to look forward to a new start.

This year started off with my last grandmother and one of my uncles that died november the year before, and since then my life has gone through so many changes both good and bad.

The good stuff is that I have started in sami cultural politics, in march I was chosen leader of the Sami Composers assosiation. I have collaborated with many other artists; Johan Sarah jr., Byrdi, Senjahopen, and Ensemble Noor. And I had my first amazing tour in Germany, and I have started working on my third album. I have taken time to sing more and try to challenge myself more as a singer and likewise I have done alot of spiritual studies and self-contemplation. And I have also taken measures to imporve my business.

And the bad stuff this year is that my body is so full of stress and tense that it has been impossible for me to train dancing or other physical sports. I have basically had to quit dancing, cause it´s been painful - but I have had various treatments - so I hope it gets better.