mandag 29. juni 2015


As you know my latest single is called "Lynxie" - and it is my cat! (Listen to it here)
In sami tradition it´s normal to yoik your pet, relatives, animals, nature and everything, so why not make a song to my cat, cause I love her!

I was sitting on the sofa at home with a guitar - which I rarely do nowadays, and Lynxie was sitting on the other sofa sleeping. I really love her, just looking at her makes me calm and happy. So I just played something on the guitar and started yoiking her... And that was the start of this song. The refrain is actually the part I yoiked to Lynxie that day on the sofa. So it is a yoik to my cat.

I decided to write her lyrics, to let it show what Lynxie means to me and what I have learned from her. I many times wish I have her life. She is just relaxing half of the day, and then she goes to eat and drink, and goes outside to play and enjoy. And the expressions on her when she cuddles - it´s like there are no worries in the world, and life is a joy... I definately learned to enjoy life more, to take time to relax, and do fun and things that make me happy. And to claim my own territory, be more stubborn, and don´t let others decide what I should do.

And it helps that she is the most beutiful cat in the world. I wanted her because he looks like a Lynx. She is of the american breed Main Coon - one of the biggest cats in the world. But she is actually not that big. around 5,5 kilos. We will see if she grows bigger...