torsdag 10. april 2014


Muohttagis leat sullii 205 sami sáni. Dá lea listtu!
Det er omkring 205 ord for snø i Samisk språk!
There are bout 205 word to snoš in Sami language!

Listen er hentet fra/listu lea vižžon dáppe:

søndag 6. april 2014


This friday I sang in NOrwegian for the first time onstage since I was a child singing in the choir. It was pretty awesome, cause the lyrics where quite difficult in northern-norwegian, and the song is quite fast as well, so I was very in doubt if I could manage. And it went great!!! I just missed a few words I think, but I reembered all the lyrics! And it was so much fun be on stage with those crazy guys in Senjahopen! I felt really honored that they asked me, and I had so much fun!  The song is called "Bråtebrann" and the original singer is Ida Maria with Senjahopen.

I will remember this a looong time!