tirsdag 26. juli 2011

Si ifra om du ser videoen min på svisj. (når dem begynner å sende det igjen) :D

søndag 24. juli 2011

I am happy the youngsters from my home town Karasjok who where at Utøya are OK!// Lihkkus leat buot Kárásjot nuorat birgen...! <3

lørdag 23. juli 2011

Terror attacks in Oslo

We have been worried about Islamic terror attacks in Norway. It would not be a big surprise if they would attack... But this was a Christian Norwegian extremist. A nationalist and Anti-Islamic man. 32 years old, grown up in the west side of Oslo. He placed a bomb in the building where amongst others the prime ministers office is. Killed 8 people and numerous people hurt. Then he goes to a gathering of AUF (Youth organisation of the labour party. The party of the prime minister). They have a gathering every year at Utøya where they have concerts and seminars. They are there to learn about politics and to have fun. He goes over on the Island, dressed as a policeman. He says "Help has arrived, come here". So when the youngsters come to him he starts excecuting them. 84 killed youngsters.

This is just so unbelivable for all of Norway. The whole country is in shock and grief. They don´t have anything else on TV. And I just have to turn off the TV not to cry all the time. But people stand together and support and help each other. The Norwegian people have been really good to each other after this, and I think Norway will stand stronger. There is no way I can imagine how the relatatives of the killed ones feel. Its such a tradegy! I wish I could help... There are at this point still people missing both in the building and at Utøya Island. People have been waiting hours to hear from their loved ones, not knowing if they are ok. Thank god that so many are safe. Condolances and love to you all!

This whole thing just reminds me of a splatter movie of some sort. Its bozarre to think that alot of movies actually are inspired by events like these... *chills*

I am now wondering of this person who did this... Why would he do this to his own people? If he is anti-Islamic and violent, why didnt he blow up the moscee or something? Norway is with the labour party in front a very open country with freedom of speech and has welcomed alot of muslisms to the country. But I wonder if he has ever been to other countries. I have lived in a few other countries, and have been to alot of them. Before I went abroad and saw how other people live I didnt think much of Norway and just wanted away...but now I have seen how people in other countries live and realised that Norway is not that bad. The Labour Party is heaven compared to alot of the other countries I have been to. It´s just unbelivable that anyone would do that Norway, whatever reason...There is democracy in Norway. What gives him the right? In his written anti-Islamic manifest he says that people will thank him one day, and they will see that he is right...

So crazy, still so real...

fredag 22. juli 2011

My brain is in total vacation mode. Just playing with my kitten Lynxie I got on tuesday! :D She is the cutest!

onsdag 20. juli 2011

My Cat Lynxie - Most beutiful cat in the world

19th July 2011
11 am
I had a deal with the owner of a cat that I will take her cat because she can´t care for it anymore. But after she said I could have it I have not heard from her since. I was going to get it the day after I come back from Gothla, which was yesterday. Last chance to be on my way to fetch the cat was at 11. Because it is a 2 hour drive to the cat, and I had booked the plane and everyting for the cat and I that evening. Still no answer from the owner, so I give up. I look for cats on the internet and find a few kittens I like.

12 am
I talk to the owner of Main Coon kittens whom I can buy from the same day if I want.

15 pm
I drive to look at the kittens and fall hard for the girl they have. She looks So much like a lynx! Se is a bit shy but curious. I cant resist, so I have to get her!

We arrive back to the apartment in Oslo. Lynxie has only mjaued a few times during the car ride. We let her out from the cage in the apartment, and she runs straight under the bed and stays there until we lure her out again because we have to go to the airport. She shows no interest in food or sandbox.

We put her inside the cage with some food to go to the airport. She is calm and looks to be sleeping half the time. She mjaus a few times, but seems to be ok when I say her name and try to calm her.

We arrive to her new home. I show her the sandbox straight away, and she goes off to explore the house. She hides under a bed again and stays there until I get her from there and show her the sandbox again. She must be having to use the sandbox! She hasnt been since we got her! She explores the livingroom a bit but gets scared of her own reflexion in a mirrot and hides under the sofa.

23 pm
Lynxie is still under the sofa. We figure she feels safe there and let her stay there. Maybe she will eat and use the sandbox at night while we are sleeping.

20th july 2011
7 am
I wake up and Lynxie is stil under the sofa. Doesn´t seem to have used the sandbox nor ate any food. I get worried and take her out from under the couch and take her to the bedroom and close the door. She gets her own little hiding place, and I place her food and sandbox in the bedroom. This makes her feel much comfortable and when she sees no dangers she goes straight to the food to eat. I am so relievied! After that she uses the sandbox! :D

8 am
Lynxie is playing with her toys!

9 am
Lynxie sleeps next to us in bed.

11 am
Lynxie did not allow anyone to pet her before. She had stayed two days in the apartment where we picked her up, and they hadn´t had any luck with petting her, she had only stayed under the sofa and didnt let anyone touch her. But now she is purring and I get my first cuddles!

12 am
Lynxie learns not to walk on the computer keyboard. She is loving her new toys I got from Leicester! :D

21st of July

23 pm
After one and a half day with intensive playing and eating and sleeping in the bedroom, she suddenly decides to explore the rest of the apartment. She was most scared of the sounds from the stairs, but now she walked straight to the stairs, livingroom and kitchen. I was amazed and happy! :D Soon we can move the litter box and food out of the bedroom. In the time she spent in the bedroom we had seen her wild side as well. she will make an excellent hunter, she jumped from one wall to another in there!

torsdag 14. juli 2011

Oh my god! Tomorrow is the day! Gothla show! Yaaaaayyy!!

tirsdag 12. juli 2011


Last weekend I went to see the shcizo-metal band MUSTH. I really like this band cause they bring in all kinds of genres to their music. It´s fun to listen to, and even more fun to watch! The vocalist is all over the place, high and low and everything in between. I know about this band because most of the members in the band are from Finnmark. So I always have so much fun with them. I always end up being out WAY longer then I intented just cause I am having so much fun. Nothing beats humor from Finnmark, that is true. I love it! :D

My friend Mari who was photographing and me at the concert.

MUSTH are releasing a new album in september this year, and they just made a new video with alot of blood and dead body parts... Very cute! heh... This is a live video from the Norwegian TV show Lydverket:

lørdag 9. juli 2011

I am getting the perfect cat!

I am finally getting a cat! I have been wanting a cat for so many years, but have never actually bought one because I travel alot and the cat would just be miserable and alone... This cat will stay most of the time up north in Alta, but the cool part about this cat is that it like to drive cars and take walks! That means that I can take this cat with me on some of the travelling I do! :D It is so cool! The current owner says the cat think its a dog, it comes everytime she yells for him and just wants to cuddle all the time. Its so perfect for me. This means I don´t have to worry too much about my cat running away and that sort of stuff. I hope I will be able to take good care of it, even it it will probably have a few different homes to live in, like I do...

I wrote to this woman who was giving away her cat a few days ago, and she didn´t answer, so I thought I didn´t get it. But the minute I saw the add for it I understood that that was my cat! :D And today she wrote me and said she was so happy that she found a owner that liked it as it is. And I am really happy too! I feels good to know that the cat is just like I need the cat to be, instead of taking a kitten that you don´t know what it likes and doesn´t. This cat is about 1 year old. I think its name is just "pus" ..:D Like all my other cats name was when I was litttle. The best of all, it looks like a lynx/bobcat, just as I wanted my cat to! :D

Status update:
Mun oaččun bussá viimmat! Ja dat liiku biilan johtit! / I am getting a cat finally! It likes car-rides! :D

tirsdag 5. juli 2011

Just watched a tv-program about all the food-waste we produce. Supermakets, restaurants, consumers and even producers!

fredag 1. juli 2011

I have been tidying and organizing all day!

All day went by and I have been tidying and organising all my stuff and crap from years ago. Memories, newsaper-clippings, magazines, and all kind of stuff that have been just thrown into boxes have now been organised. I still have a long way to go, though... My office is a mess, my costumes and bazar are all over, and also the spare room needs some organizing. Wow!
When clearing space physicahlly you are also clearing your head. I really feel it. I have a hard time going ahead and starting with new projects, and this could be one of the reasons. I have been travelling and changing houses so many times the last 3 years that I dont have any idea where half of my thing are, and what I have in the first place. This feels good! When I finnish (which I hopefully will) I will be ready to start at fresh! :D I will also burn some sage to cleanse the space. :D

Status update:
Finally took time to get all my newspaper-clippings organized. Feels like years of planning this is finally over...:D