lørdag 23. juli 2011

Terror attacks in Oslo

We have been worried about Islamic terror attacks in Norway. It would not be a big surprise if they would attack... But this was a Christian Norwegian extremist. A nationalist and Anti-Islamic man. 32 years old, grown up in the west side of Oslo. He placed a bomb in the building where amongst others the prime ministers office is. Killed 8 people and numerous people hurt. Then he goes to a gathering of AUF (Youth organisation of the labour party. The party of the prime minister). They have a gathering every year at Utøya where they have concerts and seminars. They are there to learn about politics and to have fun. He goes over on the Island, dressed as a policeman. He says "Help has arrived, come here". So when the youngsters come to him he starts excecuting them. 84 killed youngsters.

This is just so unbelivable for all of Norway. The whole country is in shock and grief. They don´t have anything else on TV. And I just have to turn off the TV not to cry all the time. But people stand together and support and help each other. The Norwegian people have been really good to each other after this, and I think Norway will stand stronger. There is no way I can imagine how the relatatives of the killed ones feel. Its such a tradegy! I wish I could help... There are at this point still people missing both in the building and at Utøya Island. People have been waiting hours to hear from their loved ones, not knowing if they are ok. Thank god that so many are safe. Condolances and love to you all!

This whole thing just reminds me of a splatter movie of some sort. Its bozarre to think that alot of movies actually are inspired by events like these... *chills*

I am now wondering of this person who did this... Why would he do this to his own people? If he is anti-Islamic and violent, why didnt he blow up the moscee or something? Norway is with the labour party in front a very open country with freedom of speech and has welcomed alot of muslisms to the country. But I wonder if he has ever been to other countries. I have lived in a few other countries, and have been to alot of them. Before I went abroad and saw how other people live I didnt think much of Norway and just wanted away...but now I have seen how people in other countries live and realised that Norway is not that bad. The Labour Party is heaven compared to alot of the other countries I have been to. It´s just unbelivable that anyone would do that Norway, whatever reason...There is democracy in Norway. What gives him the right? In his written anti-Islamic manifest he says that people will thank him one day, and they will see that he is right...

So crazy, still so real...

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  1. It is unbelievable and gives me the creeps, too. I thought that it sounds like a thriller movie, just like you said. I don't want to imagine what the youngsters must have thought in these moments....it is very sad and frightening...
    I think he did this to his own people because he wanted to set a sign and show his hatred for people who don't think as he does. But he doesn't understand that with this act people will be even more against this kind of thinking!
    Hope you will be fine soon!!!