tirsdag 12. juli 2011


Last weekend I went to see the shcizo-metal band MUSTH. I really like this band cause they bring in all kinds of genres to their music. It´s fun to listen to, and even more fun to watch! The vocalist is all over the place, high and low and everything in between. I know about this band because most of the members in the band are from Finnmark. So I always have so much fun with them. I always end up being out WAY longer then I intented just cause I am having so much fun. Nothing beats humor from Finnmark, that is true. I love it! :D

My friend Mari who was photographing and me at the concert.

MUSTH are releasing a new album in september this year, and they just made a new video with alot of blood and dead body parts... Very cute! heh... This is a live video from the Norwegian TV show Lydverket:

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