fredag 1. juli 2011

I have been tidying and organizing all day!

All day went by and I have been tidying and organising all my stuff and crap from years ago. Memories, newsaper-clippings, magazines, and all kind of stuff that have been just thrown into boxes have now been organised. I still have a long way to go, though... My office is a mess, my costumes and bazar are all over, and also the spare room needs some organizing. Wow!
When clearing space physicahlly you are also clearing your head. I really feel it. I have a hard time going ahead and starting with new projects, and this could be one of the reasons. I have been travelling and changing houses so many times the last 3 years that I dont have any idea where half of my thing are, and what I have in the first place. This feels good! When I finnish (which I hopefully will) I will be ready to start at fresh! :D I will also burn some sage to cleanse the space. :D

Status update:
Finally took time to get all my newspaper-clippings organized. Feels like years of planning this is finally over...:D

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