lørdag 9. juli 2011

I am getting the perfect cat!

I am finally getting a cat! I have been wanting a cat for so many years, but have never actually bought one because I travel alot and the cat would just be miserable and alone... This cat will stay most of the time up north in Alta, but the cool part about this cat is that it like to drive cars and take walks! That means that I can take this cat with me on some of the travelling I do! :D It is so cool! The current owner says the cat think its a dog, it comes everytime she yells for him and just wants to cuddle all the time. Its so perfect for me. This means I don´t have to worry too much about my cat running away and that sort of stuff. I hope I will be able to take good care of it, even it it will probably have a few different homes to live in, like I do...

I wrote to this woman who was giving away her cat a few days ago, and she didn´t answer, so I thought I didn´t get it. But the minute I saw the add for it I understood that that was my cat! :D And today she wrote me and said she was so happy that she found a owner that liked it as it is. And I am really happy too! I feels good to know that the cat is just like I need the cat to be, instead of taking a kitten that you don´t know what it likes and doesn´t. This cat is about 1 year old. I think its name is just "pus" ..:D Like all my other cats name was when I was litttle. The best of all, it looks like a lynx/bobcat, just as I wanted my cat to! :D

Status update:
Mun oaččun bussá viimmat! Ja dat liiku biilan johtit! / I am getting a cat finally! It likes car-rides! :D

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