mandag 1. desember 2008

Guest on IZU TV

Today the program of IZU TV on NRK3 where I was a guest was shown. It was kind of embarrasing to be the guest there, cause I had to tell some intimite secrect if we lost the competition of putting on 30 condoms to a dildo in 1 minute. At first they wanted me to to this while dancing, but I refused, thank god! oh and we lost the competition...

To see the program go to

lørdag 18. oktober 2008

Liet Lavlut Competition

Today was the Liet Lavlut competition. I don't know where to start, there is so much to tell. The trip was so interesting and it was so much fun meeting people from all over Europe. My dress made by Anne Kare Kemi turned out ok, and the band played just great! It sounded awesome, even though we just met this Thursday when we practised for 3 hours. It's going to be great working with them more in the future. I came second in the competition, which was a bit disappointing not only for me but all of Sápmi who has won every time they have participated, so that makes me feel a bit sad. It was shame I couldn't have the same version of the song as I had in Sami Grand Prix, cause it would be to exphensive to bring that band to Luelå.

The Sami media has made a tv-story about me being there, I will put it out here when you can watch it on the web.

torsdag 18. september 2008


Today I was on the sami radio program IZU. It is only 4 weeks until I am going to the Liet-lavlut, and I still dont have everything ready. Not a ticket, or a full band, or anything, so I am starting to freak out a bit. But I have freaked out a few times, but just decided I will not worry, and what happens will happen. But I am pretty sure that if I go there I will win! :D yeaaah!! Crossing my fingers anyway! :D hihi

lørdag 23. august 2008

Vocals are done!

Last week we recorded all of the vocals for my album. yeeeea! I was kind of nervous about this, but I hope it turned out ok. I havent heard the outcome yet, so I am looking forward to it. These last weeks have been so exciting! Erland from Madrugada has been doing the drums, and it made such a huge difference. And so did the piano, and everything just fell on place the last weeks.

Ole Jørn has been working his ass off for this, and I dont know how to thank him for all he has done. I think this CD will be his work as much as it will be my thoughts, and together it will be magic....heheh I hope. :P it feels like magic anyway! hihi I have just trusted him all the way and now there are just a few last things to add before the mixing. Hopefully it will be mixed in the beginning of oktober, so I am hoping it will be out desember this year. Can't wait!! yay!

fredag 4. juli 2008

I am in the sami magazine S

I am in this issue of S, witch is a sami magazine for yougster, so to say. The pictures were great, but the interview did not give a good picture of my reality. I guess I cant always get a great interview... hm Ill make a better one next time!

lørdag 7. juni 2008

Dancing at Oslo Musikkfest -08

Mazen Banduleros band is a live-band with members from all over the world. Hihi its fun. They played 2 concerts in Oslo today, and I danced with them. It was a nice warm day and alot of people had come to watch, so It was great! First we played in Torggata, and there people had been waiting for an hours to see us. The schedule was late 50 mins, so they hardly would let us on the other stage we came late to because of that... The second stage was the one at Grønland. There were alot off people there too, and we had alot of fun!

Thanks Mazen!

fredag 6. juni 2008

Guest in NRK Sami Radio

Today I was guest at a sami radio-program called "Luo-Mus Mailmmis" which is Wenche M. Hætta's program. She made a great program with me, so I am really pleased with that! At this program I also had a Radio-premiere on a song called "Suoivanis" (in the shadow) composed by Ole Jørn Myklebust and lyrics by me.

To listen this interview go to

tirsdag 29. april 2008

Performing in Helsinki

This weekend I was in Helsinki performing at a jubileum for a sami organisation in Helsinki. Thay had a 20 year anniversary. :D So Wimme, Áigi and myself were performing there. I song 4 of the songs that are produced by Ole Jørn "Du mielde", "Dovdu mii jávká", "Oaidnaledene" and of course "Áibbas jáska". It was the first time I performed these songs, so it was exciting. I cant wait to next time! :D

I was also dancing with Áigi again. It was so much fun! Many in the audiens were trying to do the same moves as me, both women and men...hehe They were having so much fun with the dancing, and Áigi played a really good concert! :D

fredag 18. april 2008

Portrait of me on Nordnytt!

Helga Bones, who works in NRK Nordnytt (news) made a portrait of me. We filmed everything last thursday and today it went on air. It turned out really good! It was telling about my work with music and a little bit belly dancing. :D

If you want to see it go to

onsdag 26. mars 2008

I won Sami Grand Prix!

Its amazing! I really won! This is so great! It was the plan all along, so it feels good that I made it! :D

holy....i dont know what more to say. Just alot of thanks to Ole Jørn Myklebust who made the song what it is now.

Watch me singing "aibbas jaska" at

Later that night i got a call from Kenneth Ekornes, who is the drummer in a number of bands. He asked me if I wanted to come and dance with Inga Juuso, Steinar Raknes, and her band! And I said yes of course! This would be a one time opportonity I reckon! I had half an hour to get there and get changed, but I made it, and it was so cool dancing with them! The band thought it was great too, so I was really happy! :D

What a day! ;D

onsdag 19. mars 2008

Concert in Karasjok

Yesterday I played a concert in Sápmi Park in Karasjok. It was an outdoor concert on a stage made of snow. Really fun! There was a market there, people selling sami clothes and stuff. It was cool!

I had asked some people from Karasjok to pley with me. My cousin Ingelin Eriksen played the drums. She is a really talented teenager! I am sure she will be doing alot of creative work in the future as well! Really energic drummer! It was so fun playing with her!

On bass I had asked Miki Broberg again. He has played with me before so he knew most of the songs already. I'm sure he will be doing alot of music in the future as well, he has started making his own music. :D nice!

Thanks to both of you! It was really fun! And thanks på Påskefestivaler i Karasjok for booking us! :D

onsdag 27. februar 2008

"Sámi Grand Prix" Finale

The Sami Grand Prix is not a race, it is the sami eurovision song contest. And yes, I will be participating. Never thought I would actually say those words, but now I am... it will be march 22.

The song is "Aibbas jaska" (all still) and is about many things. Officially I am going say that the song is about feeling like an ousider -wich I do alot being sami in the city and all... But the song actually came when I was lying all still in my bed waiting for the pain in my heart to dissapear. I could only feel pain, and the rest of the cheerful world seemed so distant. I didnt feel like I belonged to a world where people were happy.

But anyway. I hope everything goes well in this competition. This song sounds great, and is arranged by my producer Ole Jørn Myklebust. He really belives in this song, and so do I. I am aiming high in the competition! hihi :P