onsdag 19. mars 2008

Concert in Karasjok

Yesterday I played a concert in Sápmi Park in Karasjok. It was an outdoor concert on a stage made of snow. Really fun! There was a market there, people selling sami clothes and stuff. It was cool!

I had asked some people from Karasjok to pley with me. My cousin Ingelin Eriksen played the drums. She is a really talented teenager! I am sure she will be doing alot of creative work in the future as well! Really energic drummer! It was so fun playing with her!

On bass I had asked Miki Broberg again. He has played with me before so he knew most of the songs already. I'm sure he will be doing alot of music in the future as well, he has started making his own music. :D nice!

Thanks to both of you! It was really fun! And thanks på Påskefestivaler i Karasjok for booking us! :D