tirsdag 21. august 2018


QUESTION: How is it to walk in your shoes? 

At the moment its very confusing, because a lot of the things I do bring out reactions both from Norwegians, people abroad and the Sami people. It has been really emotional and unexpected for me to see how many different reactions my art can bring out in people. Sometimes its very confusing for me to choose a path, because there are so many directions to go, so many opinions to listen to and so many rules and relagualtions to follow. 

Right now I feel like I have to be on guard of what I say and do so I don't offend anybody, but at the same time I am 
working on coming back to my own heart and roots. I am looking for what feels right inside and not letting the outside world affect me too much and to trust my instinct and inner guideance. 

onsdag 8. august 2018


After catching greyling I went to gather some plants from the wilderness. I read in a book that most of the plants here are eatable, so I am experimenting a bit with the Arctic flavours.

I gathered juniper, crowberries, leaf of yarrow, leaf of lingon-, blue, and crowberry.
I then used some salt and peppermix, and butter in a pan, and the fish tasted really good! It did get a fresh taste of the Arctic wilderness! I am definately doing this again!

torsdag 2. august 2018


I sent these flowers to the sea with the intention that all seas of the earth should be kept clean, like they have been for thousands of years.

Thank you, Dhanya Atma, for showing me how to give flowers to the sea with intetions in mind.

You see how clean the water is in this picture... I wish for it to stay that way and never be polluted.

Did you know wishing for and focusing on, and sending good thoughts to something or someone can make a difference. Because when enough people are working for the same goal by sending energy towards it, it will happen!