søndag 23. august 2015


This moss is the favorite food of the reindeer. They use it for food and humans use it when need of toilet paper.
Last year when I was driving through Sweden i stopped at a place with alot of moss. It was all white everywhere and it smelled soo delicious it made me want to eat it. It had a very earthy smell. The smell made me happy. I had not heard about people eating moss. I later in Sweden heard that some exclusive restaurant actually serve this moss dried. I love that! 

When I came to this place it was on a break on a roadtrip. We had been driving for a few hours and I had to go pee, and I was happy see there was alot of moss there to use as toilet paper. But what happened when I used it I did not expect. When I used the moss it felt like healing. I was really surprised by this, and I started to think about what we usually use as toiletpaper. We don´t know what all of those papers contain. Even recycled toilet paper, how much toxcins are there really in that? If you think about it, women use that many times a day, and it is an area that gives basically access straight into your body. Except for the mouth - in many ways it is the most sensitive place on the female body. Through the mouth also comes direct access to the inside of body.  It stroke me how nice it would be to have this moss as toilet paper everyday. Reindeer hearders gather this moss to feed the reindeer with in winter, so maybe I should start gathering it for my own purpose. Haha That would be funny!