fredag 23. august 2013


Mum made me fish and potateos.
Lately I have been feeling very heavy in mind and body, and I have been tired and overworked for a while. It was when I met a woman at
 who told me about a 7- day detox plan that she usually does that I finally found something that I felt I could do. I have tried other detoxing liquids and stuff like that, but it is very hard to keep drinking that stuff every day.
I looked on the internet and I found this 7 day detox plan and it looked just like the woman at Gothla had told me about, so I decided to try. And I did. It was wonderful. Already the first day I felt better, and after the week I felt so much better. Like my body was new again. I didn´t have a heavy head anymore cause my nose was running more. And I am sure I got my bowels cleansed.
The reason why this diet is for 7 days is because it takes food 7 days to get through the system. So after 7 days the bowels should be cleansed.