lørdag 26. februar 2011

My first Music Video is in the making!

Photo by Sveinung Gjessing

WOW this year will be my first at a lot of things! Including my first music-video... This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and finally I had the chance!

This music video is specially made for Finnmarksløpet this year. I will be touring with finnmarksløpet as well, following them and singing everywhere they run! :D hihi

So I came back to Oslo from Nordklang sunday night at 11 and monday morning at 9 I was back at the airport to go to Alta for the recording of the music video to Lihku Niehku/Dream of Fortune.
We filmed it at the mountain house Jotka Fjellstue, just outside of Alta. It was a really beutiful place to be. The owner, Steinar, who is participating in Finnmarksløpet had a huge part in the video. He was so helpful and sporty about being on this video, so a HUGE thank you to him! He even lend us his dogs! Tusen takk, Steinar!

...and of course his wife who made us the best reindeer food we could ask for!
We stayed there for 2 days, so we got to spend the night there as well, witch was nice. :D

The story of the video is about this husky who had one of his dogs injured. I am a mythical creature that lives in the wild. He goes to see a shaman and the shaman warns him about me. I heal his injured dog, and in the end I transform him to a wolf.... so thats the story in a few words. I love the fact that I transform someone so they become my wolfs under my spell for ever. :D Awesome!

I cant wait to see the outcome! I trust the guys at Sedendu film to make a awesome video, so I dont have any doubst there. I just cant wait to see it....

Photo by Linn Henriksen

Nordklang, CH 2011!!

After the by:Larm concerts Juhani Silvola and me woke up at 4 in the morning to go to Switzerland for the Nordkland Festival. We were booked for an hour long duo concert there. We were very much looking forward to it, and it met all our expectations! We had such a warm welcome there and all the people where so helpful and nice to us. Even the grass was green there, and we were both longing for spring.

I have never been to switzerland before. There were so many old buildings there with such an interesting history. The typical arcitect-style from switzerland, Jugend-style and so on. I of course forgot my camera, but next time I will remember, I promise!

This festival takes place in St. Gallen every year, and its a nice half an hours train-trip from Zurich. Juhani and me couldnt believe that we suddenly where in Switzerland. On saturday when we arrived I did a radio Interwiew with the swiss radio station toxic.fm, and we had some time to rest before our concert. The concert went just awesome! The venue was in a a basement in the famous library in St.Gallen. It was concrete all painted white. The audience were so welcoming to us, they looked spellbound, witch is a good sign, and we also did a extra song cause the audience where applauding. The venue was full, 300 people approximately. Me and Juhani were extactic about this concert. We had never thought we would get such a response there. It was so great!

The rest of the night we went around and looked at other concerts. We saw "Polkabjørn & Kleine Heine" who are from Norway as well. It was just fantastic! They were jodeling, singing ballads, and just making comedy! We were laughing the whole time they where on stage and after the concerts we also got to meet them. It was just a fun night there in Switzerland!
The next day we were ready for a sightseeing in St.Gallen. It was so good to have some extra time for a look around the city, and the guide told us many stories from the city. We also went to this old library where they have handwritten musicnote-books from the middle ages! About 2000 books with hand written notes they have; from the oldest one on europe and up to newer times. It was fascinating to see those treasures from the old times. The beginning of written music....

In the evening we flew back to Oslo. I got some swiss chocolate and cheese while I was there, but that is gone already. Ate it all in a few days... Danke schoon!!

Just a big thank you to Felix, Daniela, Aino and the guy who only told me his name once, so I dont remember...he made soup like my mums and brought me other good stuff I wanted! :D You saved our trip, and it was just fantastic! I will never forget this trip! AWESOME!


Hope to get some pics soon from the festival!

By:Larm 2011!

Wow this year so far has been such an experience! I played at John dee, and now By:larm and Nordklang!

My first concert at By:Larm was in Teltet at Youngstoget. There where 2 stages so that there would be music palying all the time. This concert went pretty well, but the next one at Gamla was the best concert so far! I was so afraid that there would be no audience since I was the first band playing at that venue, but there where lots of people there watching the whole concert, so I was really really happy and content about our concerts at by:Larm. I cant believe that we actually did that, that is such a big thing for me, it has been like a unachivable dream for me such a long time, and now it became reality. It is a fairy tale!

The days went by so quickly. I spent most of the day just being nervous and preparing for the concerts. Get dressed, go to rhearsal and paly the concerts. And after the concert it was time to get ready for the next one. I was so excited that I couldnt even sleep prooerly. Anything would wake me up...

We got our reviews from the concert in Teltet the next day. I wish the reviewer had come on out concert at Gamla, but it's good I got reviewed. The review was at the 5th page in the by:Larm paper, witch was kind of suprisingly good place to have it!

I was confused by some of the statements in the review though, but I will learn from this, and try to make my expressions even clearer to the audience... About what my music and perfomance is about.

I have to also tell you about my bass player for these concerts, Jo Berger Myhre. He is such a hero! I am so happy with him, he always plays excellent, everything sounds just complete when he plays. I feel so lucky to have him in my band with the other guys. It says in the review that he stands almost with his back to the audience. Unfortunately, the week before by:Larm he had hurt his shoulder. It had popped out of his place and he had been to the doctor to put it back in its socket, but he was still rehabilitating the shoulder while playing at by:larm. He could only move his hand to under his chest, and the first concert at John Dee he had to sit, just because it was to painful to stand. And the poor guy was playing and rehearsing with a few other bands as well who where playing at by:Larm so his arm did not get much rest...

Showcase at John Dee!

Yeah! My first concert at John Dee took place on the 16th of february 2011. This is one of my favorite places to see concerts, and one of best known places in Oslo for cencerts, so I am really proud that I got to play there! :D

This concert went relly well. The stage was small, but just enough room for me to move and dance just a little bit.
Scene Finnmark made this evening happen, as a northern-Norway warm-up for By:larm. I was first up, and the place was already half-full even so early as 20:00, so I was really happy. I had my supporters from Karasjok there so make me feel welcome at this famous stage, and had so good feedback after the concert! It was fun to meet some of my supporters after the show, and I got to see the rest of the bands. FirstImpression, Violet Road and Cyaneed. All are great bands from northern Norway. :D

Photos by Linn Eirin Paulsen

søndag 6. februar 2011

Samefolkets Dag/ The Sami Peoples day

Lihkku Beivviin! Håper alle har feiret samefolkets dag! :D Today was the offical sami peoples day, you should yoik a little, everyone! :D
The 6. of february has been celebrated by sami people i Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia since 1993.
It has become bigger and bigger each year, and each city have their own traditions of how they celebrate.
In kindergardens and shcools all over the country they learn about the sami people and some of them cebrate as well. The Sami kindergarden in Oslo have a party where they ask parents, a sami artist, and guests from the government, or other guests to come and spend time in the kindergarden. They make a Sami dinner with reindeer meat, and have sami games with lasso's and sing The sami peoples song. Its a nice way to remember that once we actually werent even alloud to speak sami, or wear sami clothing...

lørdag 5. februar 2011

Lihkku Niehku vocals are recorded

Today Juhani Silvola and I went to studio to record the vocals for Lihkku Niehku/Dream of Fortune. I am really happy about how it! It sounds great! I really hope you guys will like it. This is a song about being free, and letting oneself be happy, like I hope you all do! :D

fredag 4. februar 2011

I have been to the Sami kindergarden and celebrated the Sami people day with them. I danced and got some reindeer dinner and cake! :D

torsdag 3. februar 2011

AUCH! I bit my tongue.

I had made dinner with some bacon and I was talking about how I dont eat much pork meat. I was saying that the pig is kind of a grouse animal. And then I bit my tongue.
It reminded me of my mother who would say "That's what you deserve for talking badly about other people."

One time when I was making fun of one of my former class-mates occupation, I hurt my elbow in the table, and she said those words to me. Now whenever I hurt myself like that, I always stop and think about what I have said or done, just when it happend.

These small signs are guideline for you to remember whats important, I think... So when I bit myself in the tongue while talking badly about the pig, I just remembered how lucky we are who can choose of any foods we want, and that this pig actually has given its life so that I will not starve today. I respect that alot. '
Another issue is how these pigs where treated. I can only hope they got treated with the respect they deserve.


tirsdag 1. februar 2011

The Northern lights!

I have been thinking alot about Gardin/Ravnastua fjellstue/Ravnastua Mouintainhouse lately. I just wrote a small article about it, I will show you later.

This place is so special to me. It is a place up in the mountains where peope who are travelling in the wild can rent cabins and rooms. There is also showers and sauna there, dinner and meeting rooms too. My Grandma ran this place for 50 years,and we spent all the summers and easters up there! Now my uncle has taken over. It is the most beutiful place on earth. Did I tell you that?

Anyway, my cousin Eva, whom I shared alot of fun time with up there, found this amazing video on youtube. Many people travel to the north looking to see the northern lights, and this must be the most perfect place to watch it. It seems so close when you watch it out in the nature, away from the lights from the houses and traffic-lights. It feels like it is about to wrap you up.

In the old times they said that you should never tease the northern lights cause then it will catch you and you will get trapped...

Anyway, look at this amazing video!