lørdag 26. februar 2011

Nordklang, CH 2011!!

After the by:Larm concerts Juhani Silvola and me woke up at 4 in the morning to go to Switzerland for the Nordkland Festival. We were booked for an hour long duo concert there. We were very much looking forward to it, and it met all our expectations! We had such a warm welcome there and all the people where so helpful and nice to us. Even the grass was green there, and we were both longing for spring.

I have never been to switzerland before. There were so many old buildings there with such an interesting history. The typical arcitect-style from switzerland, Jugend-style and so on. I of course forgot my camera, but next time I will remember, I promise!

This festival takes place in St. Gallen every year, and its a nice half an hours train-trip from Zurich. Juhani and me couldnt believe that we suddenly where in Switzerland. On saturday when we arrived I did a radio Interwiew with the swiss radio station toxic.fm, and we had some time to rest before our concert. The concert went just awesome! The venue was in a a basement in the famous library in St.Gallen. It was concrete all painted white. The audience were so welcoming to us, they looked spellbound, witch is a good sign, and we also did a extra song cause the audience where applauding. The venue was full, 300 people approximately. Me and Juhani were extactic about this concert. We had never thought we would get such a response there. It was so great!

The rest of the night we went around and looked at other concerts. We saw "Polkabjørn & Kleine Heine" who are from Norway as well. It was just fantastic! They were jodeling, singing ballads, and just making comedy! We were laughing the whole time they where on stage and after the concerts we also got to meet them. It was just a fun night there in Switzerland!
The next day we were ready for a sightseeing in St.Gallen. It was so good to have some extra time for a look around the city, and the guide told us many stories from the city. We also went to this old library where they have handwritten musicnote-books from the middle ages! About 2000 books with hand written notes they have; from the oldest one on europe and up to newer times. It was fascinating to see those treasures from the old times. The beginning of written music....

In the evening we flew back to Oslo. I got some swiss chocolate and cheese while I was there, but that is gone already. Ate it all in a few days... Danke schoon!!

Just a big thank you to Felix, Daniela, Aino and the guy who only told me his name once, so I dont remember...he made soup like my mums and brought me other good stuff I wanted! :D You saved our trip, and it was just fantastic! I will never forget this trip! AWESOME!


Hope to get some pics soon from the festival!