tirsdag 1. februar 2011

The Northern lights!

I have been thinking alot about Gardin/Ravnastua fjellstue/Ravnastua Mouintainhouse lately. I just wrote a small article about it, I will show you later.

This place is so special to me. It is a place up in the mountains where peope who are travelling in the wild can rent cabins and rooms. There is also showers and sauna there, dinner and meeting rooms too. My Grandma ran this place for 50 years,and we spent all the summers and easters up there! Now my uncle has taken over. It is the most beutiful place on earth. Did I tell you that?

Anyway, my cousin Eva, whom I shared alot of fun time with up there, found this amazing video on youtube. Many people travel to the north looking to see the northern lights, and this must be the most perfect place to watch it. It seems so close when you watch it out in the nature, away from the lights from the houses and traffic-lights. It feels like it is about to wrap you up.

In the old times they said that you should never tease the northern lights cause then it will catch you and you will get trapped...

Anyway, look at this amazing video!