lørdag 26. februar 2011

By:Larm 2011!

Wow this year so far has been such an experience! I played at John dee, and now By:larm and Nordklang!

My first concert at By:Larm was in Teltet at Youngstoget. There where 2 stages so that there would be music palying all the time. This concert went pretty well, but the next one at Gamla was the best concert so far! I was so afraid that there would be no audience since I was the first band playing at that venue, but there where lots of people there watching the whole concert, so I was really really happy and content about our concerts at by:Larm. I cant believe that we actually did that, that is such a big thing for me, it has been like a unachivable dream for me such a long time, and now it became reality. It is a fairy tale!

The days went by so quickly. I spent most of the day just being nervous and preparing for the concerts. Get dressed, go to rhearsal and paly the concerts. And after the concert it was time to get ready for the next one. I was so excited that I couldnt even sleep prooerly. Anything would wake me up...

We got our reviews from the concert in Teltet the next day. I wish the reviewer had come on out concert at Gamla, but it's good I got reviewed. The review was at the 5th page in the by:Larm paper, witch was kind of suprisingly good place to have it!

I was confused by some of the statements in the review though, but I will learn from this, and try to make my expressions even clearer to the audience... About what my music and perfomance is about.

I have to also tell you about my bass player for these concerts, Jo Berger Myhre. He is such a hero! I am so happy with him, he always plays excellent, everything sounds just complete when he plays. I feel so lucky to have him in my band with the other guys. It says in the review that he stands almost with his back to the audience. Unfortunately, the week before by:Larm he had hurt his shoulder. It had popped out of his place and he had been to the doctor to put it back in its socket, but he was still rehabilitating the shoulder while playing at by:larm. He could only move his hand to under his chest, and the first concert at John Dee he had to sit, just because it was to painful to stand. And the poor guy was playing and rehearsing with a few other bands as well who where playing at by:Larm so his arm did not get much rest...