lørdag 26. februar 2011

My first Music Video is in the making!

Photo by Sveinung Gjessing

WOW this year will be my first at a lot of things! Including my first music-video... This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and finally I had the chance!

This music video is specially made for Finnmarksløpet this year. I will be touring with finnmarksløpet as well, following them and singing everywhere they run! :D hihi

So I came back to Oslo from Nordklang sunday night at 11 and monday morning at 9 I was back at the airport to go to Alta for the recording of the music video to Lihku Niehku/Dream of Fortune.
We filmed it at the mountain house Jotka Fjellstue, just outside of Alta. It was a really beutiful place to be. The owner, Steinar, who is participating in Finnmarksløpet had a huge part in the video. He was so helpful and sporty about being on this video, so a HUGE thank you to him! He even lend us his dogs! Tusen takk, Steinar!

...and of course his wife who made us the best reindeer food we could ask for!
We stayed there for 2 days, so we got to spend the night there as well, witch was nice. :D

The story of the video is about this husky who had one of his dogs injured. I am a mythical creature that lives in the wild. He goes to see a shaman and the shaman warns him about me. I heal his injured dog, and in the end I transform him to a wolf.... so thats the story in a few words. I love the fact that I transform someone so they become my wolfs under my spell for ever. :D Awesome!

I cant wait to see the outcome! I trust the guys at Sedendu film to make a awesome video, so I dont have any doubst there. I just cant wait to see it....

Photo by Linn Henriksen