søndag 6. februar 2011

Samefolkets Dag/ The Sami Peoples day

Lihkku Beivviin! Håper alle har feiret samefolkets dag! :D Today was the offical sami peoples day, you should yoik a little, everyone! :D
The 6. of february has been celebrated by sami people i Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia since 1993.
It has become bigger and bigger each year, and each city have their own traditions of how they celebrate.
In kindergardens and shcools all over the country they learn about the sami people and some of them cebrate as well. The Sami kindergarden in Oslo have a party where they ask parents, a sami artist, and guests from the government, or other guests to come and spend time in the kindergarden. They make a Sami dinner with reindeer meat, and have sami games with lasso's and sing The sami peoples song. Its a nice way to remember that once we actually werent even alloud to speak sami, or wear sami clothing...