onsdag 14. januar 2015


How arrogant are humans? Sometimes I get the impression that humans think we rule the world. But do we? It looks like we want to think we do anyway... Cause we think we are the most intelligent creatures there is to find.

But for me it looks like we are just trying to imitate the earth. We make fake wind, cold and heat (aircondition), fake seas (pools), fake food and fake fur. We make our own version of so many things, we make even fake humans by operations and injections. We do our best to imitate nature, and see ourselves as gods cause we manage to make things similar to how the earth has made it. Everything we humans invent already excist, only better... Why don´t we just use what earth has given us? It´s because we can´t control it. We want to control the wind and cold and warmth. We want to control our appearance and food and clothing. Our egos wants to.

I got very upset thinking about this a while ago. But then a shaman said to me: "This is normal, Elin, where else would we humans get our inspiration from?"

I was sitting on the top of the mountain of Komsa near my home in Alta and I looked down at the city. I saw cars, lights, people, houses and we looked like tiny ants in the big world.

We stand no chance against the earth. If the earth doesn´t want humans anymore it will destroy us. Just one little hurricane will do. The earth has killed other species before us. The truth is that we humans need the earth - but the earth doesn´t need us.

And not long after I found this video, and I got so happy, cause then I knew there are lots of people who also think like this:

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