mandag 15. mai 2017


The song "Sápmi" was the forst song Robin and I made together in 2015. We hadn´t met yet, so we did it over the internet... Sending files to each other utnil we were happy with the result. 

This song is now for me the symbol of gratitude towards my homeland - my inspiration and love, and all the people who supported Elin & The Woods in the finals of Melodi Grand Prix 2017. 
So many people voted for us, and did their best to show support and cheer for us. We will never be able to give back all the money they spent on voting and travelling to cheer for us, so I feel like this song is our way to give love back, and thank everyone for all the support we received. You are all in our hearts! 

We will be forever thankful for this, and never forget! It was a surreal experience for both of us, and we feel so lucky to have been able to experience this! I don´t even know how to put it into words!