mandag 30. mai 2011

Catwalk at the Opera!

Anne Berit Anti is making one of her models ready for the show

Today Anne Berit Anti, also from Karasjok had her graduating catwalk at the Opera in Oslo. She has studied fashion design for 3 years in Oslo. Anne Berit has made me a few of my cotumes that I use in dancing and singing perfomances. She is well known designer. The sami media has been following her since she stared her studies.
Her collecion was just awesome! I am sure she will be accepted to show her work at Oslo Fashion week, which she aims to do. There is no doubt in my mind that she will. Her clothes are just awesome! The catwalk was perfect! She had the perfect music, and the models were really professional, and the clothes where very special, modern and newthinking! I love it! I hope she will make me some new clothes soon, as I have used her stuff so much, I need to get more! :D

I was lucky enough to be asked to play at this catwalk as an opening act and very excited about that. I was more nervous then I have been in a long time..

Status update:
My plans for today: 1. Practice singing, 2. find some nice clothes to wear in the Opera 3. Sing at the Opera with Juhani Silvola. 4. See the catwalk at the opera! Yay! It will be a good day!

lørdag 28. mai 2011

is hooked on Game of thrones in the wait for more True Blood <3

onsdag 25. mai 2011

søndag 22. mai 2011

Back in Oslo

Status update:
Back in Oslo from the UK. Must sleep. Long time!

torsdag 19. mai 2011

First gig in the UK

Wow, the venue we played at was supercool! It´s called Mello Mello and was painted purple and gold on the outside and the inside was just really atmosferic. This is a jazzscene in Liverpool which I think suits me just perfect. The equipment there weren´t the best, so I was a bit nervous about how it would go. My microphone stands was taped and would not stand up straight.
But my band is just awesome, so I think it went very well! I think when you have great musicians nothing can actually go wrong. Even if I was more nervous then I have ever been before a show, the minute we started playing I wasn´t nervous anymore, cause I knew it would work out fine no matter what.
The concert went well, and I even got people buying my CD, so it was an OK first gig! The City was very lively, you could tell that this festival is big in Liverpool! :D

Status update:
Just two and a half hours left for my concert at the coolest Mello Mello in Liverpool! Shaking and shitting myself!

onsdag 18. mai 2011

On our way to Liverpool Sound City!

Ole Jørn Myklebust (producer and trupet/synth player) went to Liverpool a day earlier then the rest of the band. I have never been so nervous before a gig before. Very strange feeling. I am excited to get to experience this great Event! Look at this movie I made experimenting with my new camera:

Status update:
On my way to the Uk for Liverpool Sound City gig! I hope the weather is as nice as here in Oslo. :D See you there!

mandag 16. mai 2011

The first Official Isogaisa dance is made!

I was asked to make a dance for the upcoming Isogaisa festival this year 26-28 august. The idea is that people will learn this dance before they come, or at the festival, and whenever they hear this song at the festival people can start dancing it. This dance is easy to learn, suits everyone, and has very typical sami moves.

So, just before this weekend I bought a new camera! Canon Eos 60D, and I filmed the whole thing myself. It was my first real movie project, as my old camera was so crappy I never wanted to watch anything of what I had filmed. It all looked so bad!
But this was so cool, everything looked so great! I still have alot to learn about lighting and all sorts of other stuff, but I am very proud of this video, since I eventually ended up doing the video myself, I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

This video will be out on youtube anytime now, and I will post it here the minute it is official!

Odd- Erling Simensen is helping me make the video

tirsdag 10. mai 2011

Dreamcatcher in Tromsø and my first live internet broadcast

Juhani Silvola, my überguitarist, and me are in Tromsø to play at Dreamcathcer. A event that a girl, Liselotte Holt Hansen, from one of my university classes makes.
It was awesome cause it gave me a chance to visit my brother, who lives there, and Juhani has lived there many years so he has lots of friends there.

The cool thing about this concert was that it was also braodcasted live online through!
That was my first live show braodcasted over internet, and it was so cool to hear that people from Venezuela and Germany had been watching! That was the coolest! And I know many from the uk had been watching too!

I really want to experiment more with this live internet braodcasting and I hear there are a few different features to chose from.

Do you have any experience with live internet braodcasting? Can you recommend me any other channel than

lørdag 7. mai 2011

Våravslutning på Alta magedans

Forrige lørdag var jeg i Alta under elevforestillingen til "Alta magedans" for en gangs skyld! Jeg var kjempeglad for at det klaffet slik, og i tillegg spurte Ingunn om jeg hadde lyst til å være med å danse på forestillingen, og det hadde jeg selvfølgelig!
Ikke bare det, men samme helgen ble Dansens Dag feiret over hele landet, og i Alta også. Ingunn hadde masse dansing den helgen, men desverre var jeg altfor sliten til å være med på noe av det. Når jeg skulle opptre på forestillingen var jeg så lav på energi at jeg ikke var sikker på om jeg skulle klare å gå opp den lange trappen opp til scenen... Huff det er virkelig an rar følelse å ha at man hele tiden er sliten. Men nu har det gått en uke til der jeg ikke har noe spesielt program, og jeg har fått tatt igjen endel kontorarbeide. Jeg føler at jeg sakte kommer tilbake til meg selv. Ringene under øynene er nesten borte...
Ganske merkverdig, og veldig overraskende også at det tar sånn på å reise rundt på konserter og shows. Jeg kunne ikke tenke meg å gjøre noe annet, så derfor er jeg så overrasket over kor sliten jeg er nå etter 2 mnd med intensiv jobbing.

Men uansett, på våravslutningen danset jeg en solo også danset jeg sammen med elevene til Ingunn som var med på Tribal Fusion kurset mitt jeg hadde i Alta ifjor høst. Det var skikkelig arti! Jeg syns de er så flinke og var veldig stolt over å danse sammen med dem! Takk til Tina, Live og Hilja! Jeg håper jeg får sjangsen igjen en annen gang! :D

Som sagt, denne uken har jeg sovet mest, jobbet bittelit, og slappet av masse....:D DEEEIIILIG!