tirsdag 10. mai 2011

Dreamcatcher in Tromsø and my first live internet broadcast

Juhani Silvola, my überguitarist, and me are in Tromsø to play at Dreamcathcer. A event that a girl, Liselotte Holt Hansen, from one of my university classes makes.
It was awesome cause it gave me a chance to visit my brother, who lives there, and Juhani has lived there many years so he has lots of friends there.

The cool thing about this concert was that it was also braodcasted live online through www.justin.tv/DreamcatcherMusic!
That was my first live show braodcasted over internet, and it was so cool to hear that people from Venezuela and Germany had been watching! That was the coolest! And I know many from the uk had been watching too!

I really want to experiment more with this live internet braodcasting and I hear there are a few different features to chose from.

Do you have any experience with live internet braodcasting? Can you recommend me any other channel than justin.tv?