torsdag 19. mai 2011

First gig in the UK

Wow, the venue we played at was supercool! It´s called Mello Mello and was painted purple and gold on the outside and the inside was just really atmosferic. This is a jazzscene in Liverpool which I think suits me just perfect. The equipment there weren´t the best, so I was a bit nervous about how it would go. My microphone stands was taped and would not stand up straight.
But my band is just awesome, so I think it went very well! I think when you have great musicians nothing can actually go wrong. Even if I was more nervous then I have ever been before a show, the minute we started playing I wasn´t nervous anymore, cause I knew it would work out fine no matter what.
The concert went well, and I even got people buying my CD, so it was an OK first gig! The City was very lively, you could tell that this festival is big in Liverpool! :D

Status update:
Just two and a half hours left for my concert at the coolest Mello Mello in Liverpool! Shaking and shitting myself!

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