mandag 30. mai 2011

Catwalk at the Opera!

Anne Berit Anti is making one of her models ready for the show

Today Anne Berit Anti, also from Karasjok had her graduating catwalk at the Opera in Oslo. She has studied fashion design for 3 years in Oslo. Anne Berit has made me a few of my cotumes that I use in dancing and singing perfomances. She is well known designer. The sami media has been following her since she stared her studies.
Her collecion was just awesome! I am sure she will be accepted to show her work at Oslo Fashion week, which she aims to do. There is no doubt in my mind that she will. Her clothes are just awesome! The catwalk was perfect! She had the perfect music, and the models were really professional, and the clothes where very special, modern and newthinking! I love it! I hope she will make me some new clothes soon, as I have used her stuff so much, I need to get more! :D

I was lucky enough to be asked to play at this catwalk as an opening act and very excited about that. I was more nervous then I have been in a long time..

Status update:
My plans for today: 1. Practice singing, 2. find some nice clothes to wear in the Opera 3. Sing at the Opera with Juhani Silvola. 4. See the catwalk at the opera! Yay! It will be a good day!

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