mandag 16. mai 2011

The first Official Isogaisa dance is made!

I was asked to make a dance for the upcoming Isogaisa festival this year 26-28 august. The idea is that people will learn this dance before they come, or at the festival, and whenever they hear this song at the festival people can start dancing it. This dance is easy to learn, suits everyone, and has very typical sami moves.

So, just before this weekend I bought a new camera! Canon Eos 60D, and I filmed the whole thing myself. It was my first real movie project, as my old camera was so crappy I never wanted to watch anything of what I had filmed. It all looked so bad!
But this was so cool, everything looked so great! I still have alot to learn about lighting and all sorts of other stuff, but I am very proud of this video, since I eventually ended up doing the video myself, I am pretty pleased with the outcome.

This video will be out on youtube anytime now, and I will post it here the minute it is official!

Odd- Erling Simensen is helping me make the video

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