torsdag 3. februar 2011

AUCH! I bit my tongue.

I had made dinner with some bacon and I was talking about how I dont eat much pork meat. I was saying that the pig is kind of a grouse animal. And then I bit my tongue.
It reminded me of my mother who would say "That's what you deserve for talking badly about other people."

One time when I was making fun of one of my former class-mates occupation, I hurt my elbow in the table, and she said those words to me. Now whenever I hurt myself like that, I always stop and think about what I have said or done, just when it happend.

These small signs are guideline for you to remember whats important, I think... So when I bit myself in the tongue while talking badly about the pig, I just remembered how lucky we are who can choose of any foods we want, and that this pig actually has given its life so that I will not starve today. I respect that alot. '
Another issue is how these pigs where treated. I can only hope they got treated with the respect they deserve.