lørdag 18. oktober 2008

Liet Lavlut Competition

Today was the Liet Lavlut competition. I don't know where to start, there is so much to tell. The trip was so interesting and it was so much fun meeting people from all over Europe. My dress made by Anne Kare Kemi turned out ok, and the band played just great! It sounded awesome, even though we just met this Thursday when we practised for 3 hours. It's going to be great working with them more in the future. I came second in the competition, which was a bit disappointing not only for me but all of Sápmi who has won every time they have participated, so that makes me feel a bit sad. It was shame I couldn't have the same version of the song as I had in Sami Grand Prix, cause it would be to exphensive to bring that band to Luelå.

The Sami media has made a tv-story about me being there, I will put it out here when you can watch it on the web.