lørdag 28. februar 2015


I stole this pic from hyttemag.no
This is the story about when I stopped drinking coffee. I was around 15 years old when I had a terrible coffeine-shock and got so nauseas and ill that I have never drank coffee again (I tried a few times after but I could not).
Many sami parents used to give their babies coffee. They would give them like a teaspoon a week or something like that. It was supposed to improve their health in some way, so it is very common for everyone to drink cofee. You can start drinking whenever you want, and most sami people I know start drinking coffee everyday from they are teenagers.
I never liked coffee that much so I didn´t drink it everyday like some of my friends would when I was 13 years old. I only drank it when we where going tell the future of one another. We used to read fortune-telling books and read each others futures in the coffee. We only had coffee for boiling then, no instant coffees or other fancy stuff.

Actually I can give my friend Leila the blame for me stopping drinking coffee forever. I was desperate for her to read my fortune. I was in love with a boy probably (number one reason to do fotune-telling) and I wanted to know my future. My friend Leila who is a big pranker told me she didn´t feel like telling my future, but I kept on begging her and made us coffee and prepared everything. I drank a cup and gave it to her to read, but she said ”no, I don´t see anything.” So I had to drink a new cup of coffee to see if she could see anything then, but she said ”no, I can´t see anything”.

I kept on begging her to look closely, but after a few cups she realised she could get out of being a fotune teller as long as I was drinking. I tried saying to her that if I am drinking more coffee she HAS to read me, and she said she would, but she just kept on saying ”I don´t see anything, drink another cup, I promise to read you if you drink one more.” And it ended up me drinking over 10 cups of coffee. I went all pale, lied on the back of her bed shaking, nauseus and dizzy and said ”I think I have to go home”. I had to call my parents to come pick me up, even if Leila did not live far from me. I went home and was ill the rest of that day, and the day after, and since then noone has seen my future in the coffee-cup. Or seen me with a coffee cup.

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