fredag 13. februar 2015


The last year I have been very occupied with food, the environment and wellness and the future. In my fathers generation all food was ecological, cause we had alot of small farmers all over the country, and there was no money, only trading.  And in few years 20 years everything has changed. We hardly have any ecological food. We have so much fake food in the world, and we throw away too much of it!
I have been thinking about becoming vegetarian after I talked about alot of my friends who are vegatarian, and also friends that are intrested and concerned about the future of the world and nature. They say the that best we can do for the world is to eat less meat. Because it takes more power to grow food to the animals, then to eat vegetables directly.
Of course I want whats best for the world, but I don´t want to distance myself from it. 
I have a friend from long time ago who was vegetarian –he is now vegan. He told me that he stopped eating meat cause he got disquisted by it. His father had served him so much meat that he could not take it anymore. And also he was disquisted about how animals were treated by the food industry.

I understand if people don´t want to eat meat of animals that has suffered. I don´t want to either. I believe that if an animal has suffered it will affect the meat – the animals suffering energy will then enter my body and I will carry this energy in myself. Not good energy.  I have decided to eat as little meat as possible from the food industry - that is meat I don´t know where comes from. In Finnmark- Sápmi where I live we can catch our own fish, we can get sheep and reindeer straight from the farmer, we can collect berries ourselves. We don´t need that much meat from the meat industry. It is so great to know that Finnmark has these advantages. I now eat as little meat as possible from the shop, and mostly reindeer meat and local meat.

I think that for a human not to eat meat is not natural. To be connected to nature you need to taste, smell, touch and eat it. It is a part of the eco-system that we eat meat. But we don´t need it every day.

We humans know that we will die someday. Animals know that too. Animals know that they will die and become food for something else – be it human or other animal or insect. I believe that animals know this instinctively. They hunt and they are being hunted. All animals that become food are happy to become food (to torture them before eating them is not necessary, animals want to have a life too until they die and become food or whatever). Humans become food also when they die, and we don´t mind either, do we? Ironicly maggots are one of the few species that like to eat humans…  (not a compliment to humans, hehe).

But why would you torture something you are about to eat? Why would we humans torture animals before we eat them. We should be grateful and treat them with respect because they have given us the gift of life. They have died so that we can live. We should whorship them and thank them instead of treating them bad. They deserve that, cause they give us life. 

I find that if I was not to eat meat I would insult the animals. It would be arrogant of me, and it would be like saying  ”I am human and animals are not good enough for me to eat. We humans are above animals and we should live separately.” For me if I was not to eat animals I would break and destroy the natural life-cycle. It would to me be arrogant and rejecting nature, refusing to be a part of nature.  

With that said I am thankful for everyone who is vegatarian/vegan and actually make a difference in the world. It is a fact that up here in the north very few vegatarians would survive because of the climate being so rough. I know about a few vegatarians who realised that they cannot cope the whole winther without meat, so they eat reindeer ocassinally. If you could survive here without meat I think you would have to be superhuman. 
Other parts of the world being vegetarian is no problem, so I totally believe in both lifestyles. Mine is a middleway. I eat as little meat from the supermarket as possible. There is not one answer to this question, but as always in life there are shades. Eat well and healthy!  

Are you vegetarian, or consious about what you eat?   

I respect and admire everyone who can live as vegatarians, but I also think that to be connected to nature and animals and creatures, it is neccessary to smell, touch and eat it. Berries, fruit, fish and animals. BUT the PURE, unprocessed foods. A wild animal is different from a cage animal. A berry in the wild is different from a berry grown in a factory. There is no black and white in life, there is always something in the middle, and thats where I usually end up. I want to do whats best for the world. I eat as little meat from the supermarket as possible. But I can´t live without ever eating meat.