onsdag 18. februar 2015


When I moved to my house in Alta 3 years ago I realised I had bought the best house ever!
One of the reasons being that it is close to the moutain Komsa. It´s said that is is a old sami holy mountain. Sami people used to go there an do offerings.
I was thrilled by this of course, and it made me feel more home here. I started doing walks there and in witer I go skiing there. Alot of people go there hiking cause there is a path that goes right up there and it a known well place to go hiking there. In winter they make ski-trails for people to go skiing there. Always when i go there I feel like I an enetering a totally different world. Lynxie likes to go hiking with me in the summer as well. And I have special spot there that I always visit.

I have noticed that the water we have in the house is the best water I have ever drunk. I like to think it is because we get it from this magical mountain, thats what I believe anyway. I drink alot of water from Komsafjellet every day. 

Ger Hesbeen gave me this link to read more about this: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Komsa_culture

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