torsdag 9. april 2009

My first pre-release concert!

Today we played the first pre-release concert in my hometown Karasjok. I have the best band ever! Jan Martin Smørdal, Juhani Silvola, Jonas Howden Sjøvaag and my producer Ole Jørn Myklebust played with me. My sworddancing went well and the audience liked it! Unfortunately my videocamera is broken, so I wasnt able to film it. This sucks cause it was a historical concert -for me anyway. I hope I get some pictures from it soon. ;D We only played songs from the coming album "Jiknon musihkka/Frozen music" and "in goassige" from Lahka EP. It was nice I got to have my first concert in Karasjok where it all begun... :D Tomorrow we play in kautokeino!