tirsdag 10. august 2010

My grandma is funny!

My Grandmother,Inga, who is now 90 years old and has lived most her life in the mountain house "Gárdin/Ravnastua Fjellstue" says alot of funny things. I have put a conversation with her on my album "Jiknon musihkka-Frozen music" on a hidden track and she also talks about her life at the muontain house on the track "Jorri calmmit/Twirling eyes"

This is a story from back in 2005 when I released my EP "Lahka". The CD had gotten good reviews in the regional newspaper "Finnmark Dagblad" and next to my review was a review of a new album of Eric Clapton. In Norway it is usual to show a dice on reviews and the dice will tell you how many "points" you get, 1-6. Both Eric Clapton and me had gotten 5 points. My grandma looked at the paper and said: So Eric Clapton is as talented as Elin is...

Hihi, yeah thats a funny way to look at it! She didnt know who Eric Clapton was of course..