torsdag 13. januar 2011

Experiences for you at my concerts!

This week my mission has been to find "merchandise" for my concerts. And now I got the ball rolling, just hoping it will turn out to be a nice snowball, instead of just crashing into a wall...

I have decided that instead of the massproduced merch, I want to sell handmade stuff from local producers from Sapmi. I hope to get a collaboration with some of my favorite sellers here in Sapmi and take their products with me to concerts and offer them to people all over the world! :D Anywhere I go anyway! :D hihi

I have this vision that with my music I want to give my audience an experience of the sami landscapes and culture. Selling this kind of merch will give my audience not only the sound and vision, but also the taste and smell and texture of the sami culture. And this way people at my concert will have a wider experience of how life in the sami-land is.

Already in my next concert wich is 17th and 18th of february at by:Larm in Oslo I will serve my audience a free taste of dried reindeer meat and Barents-drink (eko-drink made of plants from the tundra).

I am so happy about that I get to share this with people at my concerts!
Dried reindeer meat has been my favorite snack since I was a child, and I dont know anyone who doesnt like it. It takes a long time to dry the meat the right way, and is one of the most exphensive meats. I was lucky enough to get to collaborate with someone who has been selling reindeer meat for a long time and vacuum packs the meat in bags ready for me to offer you guys! This meat is approved by the food- supervision(is it called that?) in Norway, and has been dried after the regulations from the government. So best quality guaranteed!

I have also talked to my beloved cousin, Toril B. Kåven, who has made her own little food-factory on her land. She makes the most wonderful drinks,food-oils, vinegar, jams, and even herb-salt. Everything organic. Every summer and fall she takes some willing helpers with her to go out in the wild and gather all kinds of plants from the woods and nature around here to use in her products. I hope I will be able to go and help her this summer!
I have chosen one of her drinks called "Barents-drink" to take with me and offer you. Not only is it my favorite, by it is a prize winning drink, made of wild meadowsweet, angelica and juniper. When I drank it the first time, memories from my childhood came racing at me. A true experience from the north of Norway for me! :D

To read more about her products go to (norwegian):

So here you have something to look forward to!