onsdag 27. august 2014


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Oh yeah! My first ever concert in Germany went soo well! There where lots of people showed up for it, and it the concert went so well. I love the Germany audience, and have waited so loong for this! :D

It was at the Play Nordic Festival in Berlin. The event was called "Riddu Riđđu Festival in Berlin" and was a cooperation of the Nordic embassies, Folkelarm and Riddu Riđđu. This event was very sucessful with a very intrested audience. The event was a presentation of the two Festivals and a concert with me.

Taking off! Wings given as a gift from Mexico to Berlin.
I had such a great time in Berlin! We went shopping, and we went to a legendary pub also! I really like Berlin! I have been there a few times for dance workshops, butt his time was different! :D

Now I am just looking forwad to my tour in November!

The Nordic embassies.

Hackeser Markt Cinama street.

Legendary pub. 

Riddu Riđđu presentation by Karoline Tveitnes Trollvik and Kirsti Lervoll.

I was helping out with the dubbing of the sami TV-series Hjerterått. It will come to Germany!

Outside the dubbing studio.

Dubbing screen and mic. 

Elin And The Electric Reindeer. 
Karoline and I found a backyard! :D 
Who am I?

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