søndag 5. april 2015


Yes you are! And so am I. This is my belief. We are all part of a wholeness. Everything is energy; humans, objects, plants, animals, the earth. We are all energy, and therefore we are connected to eachother. 
I believe that God equals everything. Everything is God, and God is everything. I am a part of everything, that makes me God too. And it makes a fly God also…

A fly can change my life. Let´s say there was a fly in my kitchen one morning, and I got obsessed with trying to kill it. I bump my head on the refrigerator and have to go to the emergency where I meet my future husband. If that fly had not been there I would not have met him –not that day anyway.
Everything that happens has it´s meaning, and whatever you choose to do affects the whole world in one way or another. Your place on earth is always important, cause you affect the whole universe with your being, and we don´t even know a tiny percentage of how each and everyone of us have affected the world so far.

This is why I want to do what I feel is my destiny. If I don´t do what feels right for me, it might affect other people in a bad way. Here is an example from my life:
I worked in the sami kindergarden for a few years in Oslo, while I was working on my first album. The kids loved me, and so did my co-worers. They offered me a steady job many times, but I did not want to sign the contract, because I knew I was not meant to be a kindergarden-worker. They wanted me to do courses and such so that I would develop in my work, but I felt it was totally wrong to do it. I did not want to have my carriere in kindergarden. I knew this. I also knew that there are people out there who actually feel like it´s their calling to work in a kindergarden. I would be taking their place. My job at the kindergarden was not meant for me, it was meant for someone else. And everyday I was working there, I would be taking someone elses opportunity from them. I would be playing with someone elses life. Someone who truly wanted to work with kids was not, because I was not doing what I felt my place on earth was (yet). Everything would fall into place if everyone would follow their innermost calling. Now I am doing what I feel I was supposed to do, and I don´t take anyones place.

What kind of a God are you?