torsdag 21. mai 2015

GOHPPU - GUKSI The sami traditional wooden cup.

Made by Jørn Are Keskitalo in Guovdageaidnu.
This is an example of the traditional sami wooden cup. Somwhere they call it guksi, and other places they call it gohppu. I am not an expert about this, but I will tell you what I know.
It is always made of some kind of wood, and sometimes decorated with pieces of reindeer antler.
When I was at elementary shcool we used to burn our names on wooden objects, and this is also common for the gohppu.

Everyone owns their own cup wich they carry in their belt with their knife, so that wherever you come - to a river, lake or visiting another camp you will be ready to get a drink.

I made this cup with my own logo in case you what to get something sami. Handmade cups made by craftsmen are  superexphensive, but the ones I bought these are "handmade in a factory" I guess... hehe cause it saiys handmade, but we know it´s not really... But anyway, it´s the best I could to not make the price not too high. You can buy it here:
Lynxie likes it too!

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