onsdag 17. februar 2016


For Eamiritni -Rimeborn  album I actually had 2 releases. One in Europe last november (when I was touring Germany) and one in the Nordic countires in february.
The release in Norway was up to myself to plan, but things didn´t seem to fall into place. Nothing seemed to feel right when I was looking for venues and places to have my release-concert.

After a while I really had to sit down and think about this "Why didn´t anything feel right, and why do I have so much difficulity making decisions?"

So then I figured. What would FEEL right to do for the release. Without thinking of HOW or WHERE but what is it that would FEEL like the right thing to do.

Thats when I realized: This album is dedicated to the earth, to nature who always give me the best inspiration, and who have never failed to motivate me and make me feel like MYSELF and useful.

Ever since I was a child I used to sing to the trees. I would run between trees and sing to them, and sing with them. They where my audience. A very grateful audience, they always made me feel like me singing was the most natural thing in the world, and they would like nothing else then to hear me sing more. Out there in the woods I would have my audience and my stage between the trees and rocks and grass or whatver nature was around.
I often long back to that feeling of freedom. To just be what you are. I was a singer, so it is natural for me to sing.

This was the feeling I wanted to bring to my release-concert. I wanted to sing out in nature! Give back and show what it had given me!
But to get people to come, and to have a concert in the middle of nowhere in middle of winter is not a good idea because of the risk of the equipment and instruments.

That´s why I got an idea to make a video of this, and show it on my release concert! That must me the next best thing!
So I called June Bjørnback (photographer of my cover-photo) to ask if she had time to make a video like this. And miraculously she had! We had only 3 days before I was leaving, but we managed to do it, and now you see this great result, and I am super-happy for my release-concert I had on my own in the forrest!
 It felt almost like a ritual. It felt like I was thanking nature for all the inspiration I always get from them, and celebrating! And that felt supernice!

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