mandag 24. april 2017


Last night I dreamt a very bad dream. It was almost like a nightmare, but when I woke up I felt like I had learnt something impontant.

I dreamt that I was visiting an aquintaince house that was under contruction. Her friend was there too. After a while we went for a party. It was saturday night and we where in a part of the town where collage students live and go out partying. It was dead dark outside, and there where barely any lights anywhere, we could barely see the main street that was full of restaurant and pubs and so on.

We randomly picked a door and went in there. There where to guys lying on some kind of hospital beds with needles and tubes and they where looking for something to suck. I immidiately had the creepiest feeling, and wanted to get out, but it was too late - they had spotted us and where after us already. We ran up the stairs - which was not a good idea - cause we where trapped in the house, instead of going out again.. One of us got caught already in the stairways of this creepy zombie like guy who just took our friend and who knows what they did with her. They where looking for some kind of life force to feed on. We ran futher up, and miraculously I was able to get out of the house and survive the night. My two friends I don´t know what happened to them, but I assumed they where dead...

At sunrise I was on the main street again, and it felt like this creepy evil energy was not there anymore. It had lost its power. Instead I saw women in white clothes singing and chanting about how we should care about each other and be nice to each other. I saw religious pictures on the walls. Christian pictures and angel-like women who sang on the streets. Suddenly I saw one of them quickly go inside one of the doors, and not long after there was this angry little creature running out from one of the pubs acting insane and shooting some kind of silver pins at me, it looked like laser or something. I managed to get away from some of them - and then I woke up, and I immidiately started thinking about the dream. About what evil and good really are...

When you act like a zombie - act selflishly, you don´t have ANY consideration of any other beings except yourself. You take what you want and need whenever you want to, whatever comes your way, you will take it and use it for your own will. Is this what it means to be "evil". Or is evil some kind of stupidity? We had no chance to survive this "evil". It was foolish of us to go in there, we had no chance aganinst that force.

And in the morning they where singing about everyone caring about each other and world peace and so on. Why was she not singing this song last night, when we needed it? I knew it was because she would not survive the night. Her life force would have been stolen by those guys who where after us, and she would be eaten alive.

It was a reminder for me that there are different energies that rule at different times and places. Daytime, when those evil energies where sleeeping, she could sing about peace and love, and she would have that in her life as long as she keeps away from the darkness.
Where do I want to put my energy? Do I only want to stay in the light where I can sing about happiness and good life, and hide away at night when the other takes over? Or do I want to live like the evil guys did, just take what I want when I need it.
Is it possible to be both evil and good?
In old shamnistic beliefs there is no "good and bad" and the good being the preffered one. There is always a matter of what kind of enery is needed, and wanted. As humans we can choose, and unfortunately, I often forget this...

But I am curious, what do you think this dream meant?

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