torsdag 12. oktober 2017


I go to the doctor to tell her I feel weak, tired and ask if there could something wrong with my body?
Doctor says: Right excercise is very important for the body to be at optimal health.
-I came because I don´t have the energy to excercise!

I go to my collegues to ask them if they can help me with my workload, it´s been too much for me.
They say: No, sorry. You haven´t been doing the things you should have been.
- I asked because I need help to to it properly!

I go to my family to find back to where I belong.
They say: You are here so seldom, we don´t have room for you.
- I came because I want to relate again!

I go to my singing coach who specialises on letting yourself loose on stage, because I want to be more free and in contact with my feelings and be more expressive.
She says: You are not putting your effort in it. There is no point. You are not working for it! 
-I came because I want to learn how to do that!

I go to my therapist for help with finding the reason for my lack of energy and happiness.
She says: No one can help you if you don´t want to help yourself.
-I came because I am trying to!

I go to my boyfriend and tell him I feel lost and need support.
He says: You are not taking responsability for yourself.
-I came because I want to change that!

I go to a spiritual guide and ask for guidance.
He says: I can´t help you on you level. You are not listening to the signs.
- I came because I want to hear them! 

I go into myself and ask what can I do.
I answer: I have been neglecting myself. I refuse to do anything!
- I asked because I want to make it good again!

I search on the internet and ask for advice.
It says: I have all you need!

And I booked a vacation. There is nothing that can be done anyway...
Thank god the internet knows me well enough to know what I need!

How is it that we don´t understand the sypmtoms of lack of basic needs in our society?  
It´s all about all the fuzz and doing and becoming, and gaining, and creating, and being on top of everything, isn´t it? 

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