fredag 11. mai 2018


This week an issue of iPorsanger was published with a 6 page long interview with me.
This interview was done because of the Johan Kaaven 100 year anniversary event this summer in Lakselv. Johan Kaaven was my great granduncle and a famous shaman.

I was a bit nervous about this interview because it would be the first time I would speak about my realtionship with him, and how I feel about the shamanistic ways that he is famous for.
This interview became really personal and I talked about things I have never talked about before in interviews the same way. I have mentioned things, but not in a such personal way as this time.

The journalist Ann-Helen Gjernumdsen was the perfect woman to interview me because I felt like she understood me. She knew what I was talking about and was interested in the topic, and knew much about the topic. Then it was easier for me to talk freely, cause I knew there was a big chance she would actually understand me correctly - and not just write what she thought I meant. It was a great thing to experience this kind of juornalism, and hopefully I would be able to do more interviews like this in the future.
The pictures turned up great also! I love the background of the fjord in Porsanger and the cold weather.

You can read the interview here. It´s in Norwegian: 

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