mandag 26. september 2011

OptiPosture - weekend

So after about 2 years of constant working I am exhausted and barely able to do anything anymore. I don´t have the energy. But I have tried to slow down now for a few weeks, only working in my own paste instead of rushing things like I always tend to cause I have deadlines..
I havent been to the gym for months, just a few dance classes here and there. I am starting to feel a bit more motivated and ready to continue, so this OptiPosture weekend was kind of the perfect timing for a "new" start for me. What better way to start again then with a new posture!
The posture will change everything!
 I have been thinking about taking this class and lessons for a long time! But there has never been a time where it fits my schedule and so and so, but this time it finally did!

 The OptiPosture program is made by Trine Irene Bjarkøy and her husband Kjetil Simonsen. She has a class about the optimal posture and gives us some excersises we can do to improve our posture. Her husband is the physiotherapist who gives private lessons and gives everyone their own training-program that is especially made for their body.

 I went both to her class and the private lesson. And am anxious to begin, although my shoulders a aching so much after the first lesson... So at the private lesson Kjetil measured and looked at my body to see what parts are not quite optimal and that way he can make a personal training program. I thought it was quite interesting what he found in my body. I have had bad posture since I was a teenager. The only time I can sit and stand straight is when I force myself. For instance the few minutes I am on stage dancing or sitting at a restaurant. Otherwise my posture is really bad. Like now, writing this, I am am halfway lying in my bed with the mac on my lap writing. Lynxie is sleeping next to me. :D

 But anyway, I few physical things have stopped my development in dancing and those things are: Overall strength. Alot of strenght is nececassry to do alot of cool things dancing. In tribal fusion alot of strength in the leg/thighs are needed for doing levelling, floorwork and so. This strenght thing was not so hard to build up as I thought. I would go to the gym two times a week and lift some weights and do some pilates and other excersices for strenght and stuff, and I would notice a big difference! So this is cool, no problem! And then I have my back issues. Bigger problem! My upper back is so stiff, and so tense and acing that it won´t move. There is no way I can ahceive the siluhette I am aiming for in Tribal as long as my back is so stiff. I have to be able to move my upper back forward by squeezing the shoulder blades together. This is not happening in my back because of the stiffness. One of my teachers, Sharon Kihara, suggested I should go and get a massage every week for a period of time. And that sounds just awesome, but massages are so exphensive here in Norway, I cant really afford it... I have been to a few massages when I could get them cheaper, but its not enough to have just one massage now and then..

 This programme is all about balancing the muscles. I hope that this programme will make my muscles happier and that way they wont ache so much, and I can continue my stribe to get the tribal siluette that I am aiming for, and start to see a develpment in my dance. Cause I feel like I have staggered again.

 If you want to know more about their work, or invite them to come to your city here is the webpage:
 I recommend this for everyone! Not only dancers, but everyone! Absolutely everyone! :D

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