torsdag 17. november 2011

Skoleturné - Shcool-tour

  Heaika Guttorm, me and Juhani Silvola at Arktisk Kultursenter in Hammerfest. Photo by Sami.

We have been on a shcool tour together for about a month. We where Juhani Silvola, Heaika Guttorm and myself. A shcool-tour is basically travelling from shcool to shcool playing a 45 min long show for them. We had so much fun, and the show got better and better very day! Juhani and Heaika are so talented people, and easy to work with, so I am sure that nothing actually can go wrong, with so great people!

It has been full of experinces with the children! I got drawings and gifts from them, and lots of compliments! Here is what I have heard everyday for 4 weeks now... So cuuute!

- "You are beutiful!"
- "You are a good dancer and singer!"
- "Can I have your autograph?"
- "Are you a real fairy?"
- "Can I look at your ears?"
- "Do you have wings?"
- "How did you get so good?"
- "Is that really you singing?"
- "Can you remove the pattern on your face"? (makeup)
- "What language you you sing in?"
- "Can you sing something in Norwegian, I don´t understand sami?"
- "Are you sami, where do you come from?"
- "Is the guitarist sami?"
- "How old are you?"
- "I have sami relatives!"
- "Is that your real hair color?"

Juhani Silvola, and me appearing from behind the backdrop. Photo by May-Liss Thomassen at Øvre Alta Skole

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