onsdag 14. desember 2011

Christmas presents

Christmas presents from me this year. Wrapping paper from last year, pages from an old comic book and brown household paper. 
When I was a little girl I was very excited about christmas presents. I have maybe 15 aunts and uncles, my mother has 8 siblings, and my father has many siblings as well, and I had friends and godmothers and fathers, so I used to get alot of presents! I also had alot of cousins and friends to give presents to.

When I watched american films they would just tear the wrapping paper off the present and throw it away. But I never got to do this. Cause we used to save the wrapping paper until next years presents. I had to carefully remove the stickytape and be careful not to rip the paper, and unwrap the presents carefully. We did this all my childhood, and I was thinking about this this year before I went to buy presents. About all the christmas wrapping papers that go to waste. They are used one time, and then thrown away. I get sad thinking about the worlds habit of buying and throwing things aways. Producing things that are not meant to last, but sell. This contributes to so much more waste then necassery for the world, and for the enviorment. So this is why I decided not to buy any chritstmas wrapping paper this year, only use what I have.  I had this brown recycled paper, which looks nice with some nice band and some stickers or even just draw a few stars on.  Newspaper can be used, that makes a really cool different look. Or even magazine paper. Find a nice picture from a magazine and use that as wrapping paper.